Dragons of Light

Day 3

Alabaster and Bartok woke up in the inn with glum faces, seeing Tejam clinging to the bed sheets where her sister would normally be laying. They shook her from slumber and went back down to the Rusty Spear, where the elf from the day before awaited them. With the same zeal, he described his tour to them and awaited response. However, the heroes were not yet ready to leave without their companion, and asked him to wait a bit longer. Alabaster stayed put in the tavern, performing for the small breakfast crowd while Bartok and Tejam left to check on Majet at the church of truth.

Walking down the street, they smelled the smoke of grilling meat and the aroma of freshly baking bread. Bartok was immediately drawn away from his previous responsibility, following the smell to the market. The cooks spoke of an upcoming feast, and told the half-orc that he couldn’t have any yet. Paying them no mind, Bartok intimidated his way into getting a raw slab of meat and a loaf of bread for himself and his gnome friend.

While Bartok gobbled up his bloody sandwich, a halfling came up behind Tejam and got her attention with a grunt. His face was completely devoid of emotion or feeling as he asked her to come with him. Immediately repulsed, Tejam declined his invitation. Unsurprised, the halfling told her that he knew what was wrong with her sister, reminding that they hadn’t the slightest clue about Majet’s condition. They tried to negotiate, but the halfling was extremely stubborn about his offer. He would not speak clearly or logically, but he made it clear that he was working for someone. After a period of internal conflict, Tejam decided to follow him. Thankfully, Bartok wasn’t too far behind.

The halfling quickly noticed the half-orc’s following, and glared at him with soulless eyes as they walked past the Rusty Spear. Alabaster, still performing for the few bar patrons, saw them walking past and became suspicious, putting away his harmonica and leaving the tavern. Upon seeing another pest joining in his trail, the halfling quickly grabbed Tejam’s shoulder and took off in full sprint.

Tejam once again felt the same sickness that Arund’s necklace brought her. Alabaster was immediately on the halfling’s tail, and quickly caught up when the halfling attempted to hide in the shadows of a tree and merely fell flat on his face. Alabaster ran up to grab him and interrogate him, but by the time he was in arms reach the halfling had consumed the contents of a small vial, and began convulsing before falling still. Alabaster picked up the body and the vial, which had a small drop of it’s content remaining, and carried the dead halfling around town to see if anyone could determine if he was truly dead. Both the church of Truth and the Dragon determined that he was legitimately dead, and the church of truth took him to the infirmary just in case.

While they were there, the heroes decided to pay Majet a visit. To Tejam’s great pleasure, she began waking up. At first dazed, Majet found herself feeling powerful, refreshed, and more knowledgeable upon waking. Tejam wasn’t fully convinced, but was so pleased by her sister’s awakening that she didn’t give her strange new strength a second thought.

Walking back to the tavern to meet their elf tour guide, the heroes suddenly remembered their minion Ferret and realized he was still with the tattoo artist in the market.



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