Stolen Amulet

You see an extremely fine letter pinned to the billboard. Gold lines the edges, and the font is written in the most exquisite font you’ve ever seen. The letter reads:

“People of Cheystead,

Greetings. It is not often that I call upon you to aid me, but there has been a recent occurrence that leaves me no other option. A valuable necklace was stolen from me in the night, and my foolish guards claim they saw no one enter or leave my treasury. I am unable to track it, and haven’t the slightest idea where it may be. This necklace was given to me many years ago, and is extremely important to me. The necklace has the appearance similar to a pearl, and 4 differently colored gemstones surround the centerpiece. If anyone has seen suspicious activity related to or the necklace itself, I ask you to inform me immediately. You will be rewarded.


Lord Arund

Stolen Amulet

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