For hundreds of years, the world of Ascolta was a place of absolute peace. The lands grew fertile crops year round, the forces of evil were nonexistent, and the races of the world saw nothing but understanding amongst each other. There were no wars, for every man had what they needed. There were no petty quarrels, for every man knew they were unnecessary. There was no evil, for no man wanted to cause harm to others.

The legends say this golden age was a product of the Dragons of Light, fantastic beings of pure light that flew across the sky leaving nothing but goodness in their wake. These wordless creatures patrolled the skies, casting no shadow but bringing light to every location they traveled. In their respect for the dragons, the people of Ascolta took an unspoken vow to never learn the ways of divine magic. No one could deny the wonderful powers of the dragons, and they were worshiped by each and every race.

But it was not to last. One day, an enormous meteor fell from the sky. Just as it was about to crash, all of the dragons fused into one magnificent shield, protecting Ascolta from the burning heat and breaking the meteor into a thousand pieces. With a blinding flash of light, the end of the world had been averted. But it was not without consequence, as the remains of the dragons crashed into the utopian city of Celia. A massive barrier of light formed around the remains of the city, and neither the dragons or Celia have been seen since.

The world instantly fell into absolute turmoil. The lands grew decrepit and bore no fruit, while greed and exploitation crept into the hearts of men. With dwindling resources and the loss of their gods, the people of the world fell into racism, hate, and desperation, clinging only to what they knew they could rely on. Each race retreated back to their capital and prepared for war.

Simultaneously, the dark arts began to take a stand in Ascolta. Sects of necromancers began robbing graves in secret, believing that only necromancy and sacrifice could bring back the dragons. They were largely unnoticed for many years because of the war, allowing them to amass an undead army in secret while the races of the world slaughtered one another.

The war was catastrophic. Humans, having lost their capital of Celia, were nearly made extinct. All races lost thousands of people, men, women, and children, to a merciless war of absolute desperation. War profiteers began taking power with their fortunes, taking advantage of the panic that struck Ascolta. The world was now ruled by greedy and heartless men.

After 10 years of fighting, there seemed to be no end in sight. The necromancers, feeling confident enough in their armies, joined the fray, wreaking havoc on all races of Ascolta in an attempt to reform the people towards their “solution”. The death toll continued to rise.

It all came to an end on a day now known as “The Day of Awakening”. The armies of the Half-Orcs, Elves, and Necromancers were gathering in preparation for an enormous battle. By this time, the wars had weakened the races so much that the necromancers had superiority, and were threatening to destroy all living things as sacrifices to the dragons. Each army was over 10,000 strong, and knew they were all marching to their death. Approaching the battlefield, they saw a small robed boy kneeling in the middle of the field.

As the three armies were about to clash, a massive aura of light covered every soldier, freezing them in time and place. The boy stood up, and with a roaring voice that could be heard across the entire world, stated, “If you can not stop your foolish wars to end a greater threat, you betray the lessons of the Dragons of Light.” With an enormous crackling sound, the aura of light collapsed, and the boy vanished along with the armies.

The people of the world were stunned, and began taking steps back to reevaluate their actions. The sudden reminder of the golden age brought by the Holy Dragons created peace treaties all across the world, and in days the war was officially over. The necromancers, having lost their entire sect to the child, fell into remission and scattered, and haven’t been seen in 15 years. Evil and greed still exist in the world, but the mindless violence has ceased.

Dragons of Light

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